New Sound Scaryoke:
Escape To Bitch Mountain

Saturday, October 31st
$10 ($5 w/ Costume), $10 minimum
reservations are recommended

The unholy karaoke union of Black Waterfall & Bobby Service has
conjured a video-filled Halloween Scream-a-long bash of nightmarish
proportions. Celebrate the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The New Sound
Karaoke with the fever dream of wall-to-wall projections of original
music videos that you can sing, scream, or be killed to.

In this late-night monsterpiece theatre, discover the shocking truth
behind the disappearance of our karaoke baby spawn, miraculously
birthed in our last video, and now vanished deep in the woods of Bitch
Mountain. How, you ask? Find out!---as the staccato rhythms keep the
blood racing to tip of your Cucumber Castle.

And if that isn't reanimating enough, watch live projections of
horrifying guest performers as they sing special editions of karaoke
videos decomposed by yours truly. Then rise from your grave to sing
from our dizzying list of 10,000 songs and electrify the stage.

It's time to take your She-Wolf out of the closet AND ESCAPE TO BITCH
MOUNTAIN, because this is lycanthropy.

Yours Truly,
The Late "Bobbing Head" Service & "Black Plague" Waterfall
and The Estate of New Sound Karaoke

P.S. Most horrible, terrifying, cringe-inducing costume & performance
wins the most sought after prize in NYC!

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