The Color Palate Project

Thursday - Sunday, March 26 - 29
$50 10 course prix fixe, $75 with wine pairing
7:30pm (additional 10pm seating Friday and Saturday)
reservations are recommended

The Color Palate Project is an exploration of color, where 10 international artists have been invited to present their take on one color.

The presentation will be an inside out experience of 10 different colors from the color spectrum. The viewer is seated and completely surrounded by projections of the color and the artwork. While immersed in the visuals, the guest is served a monochrome dish in the color presented.

The idea is to open up all of the senses and to have an experience as a whole, where the awareness of vision, smell, taste and hearing are used and explored simultaneously with the full experience of the work and color presented.

The Menu

shrimp, pine nuts, miso, mirin, spiced daikon
Sweet corn, yellow pepper, saffron
Lobster Bisque, dal, carrot marmalade
Beets, pimenton goat cheese, piquillo vinaigrette
Salmon, chipotle, Chioggia beets
Peruvian Potatoes, cabbage, vinegar
Blue corn scallops, yuzu-huckleberry
Arugula, asparagus, pistachios
Cinnamon flan, caramel
Black rice pudding, sesame gelato

The Video Artists:

Alexandre Singh is a Brooklyn-based French/British artist. His work is conceptual, presented as installation, writing, video and performance art. Alex exhibits in the US and Europe. His new book is being published this spring.

Ana Matonic is a Brooklyn-based performance artist, writer, world tour professional and singer in the Scissor Sisters. Her love for secret stories and color takes our research and writing to a whole new level.

Helena Fredriksson is a Brooklyn-based Swedish designer and artist. With a mind of its own she is the Curator of the Color Palate Project.

Mike Skinner is a Brooklyn-based sound artist, producer and musician with a love for the layers of sound, depth and perfect acoustics. He has produced records for Scott Matthew, Kevin Devine, Black Moustache among others. His work has been presented at galleries, performance art, dance and sound spaces in the US and Europe.

Mira Nameth is a New York City-based Swedish illustrator and art director. Mixes figurative drawings with abstract organic forms and incorporates fantastical and imaginary elements in her work.

Montgomery Knott is a Brooklyn-based Texas film artist, singer in Stars Like Fleas and head of our place of show, Monkey Town.

Olof Persson is a Gothenburg-based Swedish artist and performer. His work is shaped by the interest in movement, alterations, and expansions: with and against space, shape, body, and image. His work has been presented in Sweden, New York and Tokyo among other places.

Philip Niemeyer and Dana McClure are Brooklyn-based designers, artists and filmmakers. They are partners at the art and design studio Double Triple. Dana is also a professor at Parsons School of Design.

Seth Kirby is a Brooklyn-based Texas light and visual artist and filmmaker with love for the abstract and ferociously beautiful.

Stephanie De Rouge is a Brooklyn-based French photographer who works with multiple exposure photo and moving image. She contributes to several US magazines and newspapers, and her work has been shown in NYC and Paris galleries