Double Dirty Dancing 2009

Saturday, August 8 and Friday, August 21
Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6

Free, $10 minimum
7:30pm (10pm show added on Sunday, September 6)
reservations are recommended

Note: the Soundtrack for all shows will be the Bollywood version

This screening has become an end-of-the-summer tradition at Monkey Town. We screen the original Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey "ugly duckling/beautiful swan" melodrama masterpiece right next to the 2006 Bollywood version, Holiday.

And it can only happen here!

We present both Dirty Dancing films side-by-side on two screens each. And here's the amazing thing, the Bollywood version is just as cheestastic and brilliant as its Swayze inspiration — and it's the exact same length, the credits roll simultaneously. The final scene becomes a sort of cosmic mashup that exists only in an exceptionally mirthful universe. Truly epic.

You all know the original. Here's a description of its Bollywood cousin:

Holiday (2006), Director: Pooja Bhatt
"Dirty Dancing" blatantly stolen nearly shot for shot. The story begins with the family of Dr. Daksh Suri arriving in Goa for a month-long vacation. Accompanying Dr. Suri are his wife and two daughters, the extroverted Samara and shy, bookish Muskaan. Muskaan befriends a group of dancers who perform risqué and exotic routines to Salsa music (the song exposing the girl to such forbidden pleasures is aptly titled, "The Sound of the Future.") at the hotel’s discotheque. One among them is pregnant, and Muskaan—always eager to make things work out for the best—boldly decides to step in as her replacement when she goes for her abortion. Completely clueless when it comes to the dance, rugged and rebellious Dino steps in to train her, and in the process helps her overcome her fears. And in case you didn’t guess, they also fall in love. "Move with my Body," another ridiculously sultry R&B breakdown is performed against a Che Guevara backdrop. Onjolee Nair as the awkward Muskaan even looks something like Jennifer Grey. Not to be believed!"