The Dead Texan vs. Sagan + Porn Week
10-11 & 17-18, 2004

Friday, November 12
Artanker Convoy played instrumental freak outs accompanied by dancer Nicole Wolcott and three live video mixers.

Saturday, November 13
Stars Like Fleas played experimental pop music to scenes of thousands of moths flickering to death, bathed in the Towers of Light.

Friday, November 19
Sayyid and Priest of Airborn Audio
performed a mostly instrumental set with new beats, bleeps, and breaks. The band My Best Fiend played loud, electro-rock as Color of Pomegranates was played at double speed.

Saturday, November 20
Mira Billotte, from White Magic, played an acoustic set with Doug Shaw. It was rainy and cold outside. And if you were unable to attend, we are very, very sorry. It was something very rare.

Halloween at Monkey Town
October 30 & 31, 2004
A 4-screen, feature-length meditative horror movie. Created by Ian Caskey and Adrian Rieder with D. Carlton Bright. A Ranch House Production. Duration: 1 hr. 20 min.

Monkey Town Invitational
October 15-16 & 22-23, 2004

Friday, October 15
Golan Levin + Jake Klotz + Caspar Stracke and Gabriela Monory

Golan Levin performed "Scribble" and showed a demo of a new work using an overhead projector. Jake Klotz showed a four-screen projection of his robot lecturing on the band Rush and painting his Rush landscapes. The robot performed live and spoke with the audience. Caspar Stracke and Gabriela Monroy reprised an epic 20 minute, four-screen work from last spring.

Saturday, October 16
Golan Levin + Jake Klotz + Delia R. Gonzales and Gavin R. Russom

Delia R. Gonzales and Gavin R. Russom showed Initiatic Journey Through the Vibrational System of the Planetary Mind (2002) and Day of Blood (2003). See above for Golan and Jake.

Friday, October 22
Miranda July presents...
Who Am I This Time? (1982)

Nest of Tens (2000)
The Boy From Lam Kien (2003) sound only.

Saturday, October 23
Jeremiah Clancy, Mika Rottenberg, Theo Angell, Meredith Drum, Mike Skinner, and Les Leveque

Four 4-screen videos created for Monkey Town. Plus, Mika Rottenberg's, "Mary's Cherries" from her summer installation at P.S.1. and Les Leveque's pulsating spectacles.

See The Elephant:
A Political Video Installation
September 30 - October 2, 2004
Video Artist, Ryan Junell created a 4 screen, quadrophonic installation with the help of Matmos, Sagan, and Bjork collaborator J Lesser. He covered dozens of protests. He gained access to the Convention. His producer was arrested. And after his 3 nights at Monkey Town, Ryan takes his entire production on the road for a monthlong tour of Swing States. Over those three nights we raised over $1000 for Ryan's caravan. For more info visit the project's website.

Village Voice Review (June 7, 2004)
Restaurant critic Robert Sietsema put a flattering frame on our enterprise.

Microscopic Videos: 4 Easy Pieces
May 14-15 & 21-22, 2004

Les Enfants d'Orson Welles (2004)
by Montgomery Knott (50 minutes)
Set in Essaouira, Morocco but encompassing Berber singers, skateboarding, and Barton Springs. Orson Welles casts a mighty shadow.

The Wanderer
by Theo Angell (45 minutes)
A trip through a countryside populated by giant ostriches, giant women, flying pixies, and Van Dyke Parks.

Still Smoking and Happy (2000)

by Michael Oliveri (11 minutes)
Havana, Cuba. One man, his cigarillo, and the fine art of breathing in and letting it all out.

Carwash (2004)
by Meredith Drum (5 minutes)
The sounds and sights of humanity through suds, brushes, towels and the sizzle of bacon.

Bathroom Sound Installation:
"A Morning"
by Mike Skinner & Chris Bracco
with Amanda Barber

Monkey Town Invitational
April 9-10 & 16-17, 2004

12 video artists show 4-screen installations/performances.
Curated by Bob Stein and Monkey Town

Artists included:
Meredith Drum, Golan Levin, Chris Burke, Haeyoung Kim, Chiaki Watanabe,
Scott Pagano, Christopher Willits,
AGF+Sue C.(Antye Greie & Sue Costabile), MOSTRA (Caspar Stracke, Gabriela Monroy), Torsten Burns + David Larcher, Marie Losier, Bryan Frye, Benton Bainbridge, Devan Simunovich, Nika Offenbach, Chris Douglas, Todd Sines

Bathroom Sound Installation:
"Little Mattering"
by Shannon Fields and Ryan Smith

Gamers & Jammers
March 19-20 & 26-27, 2004

4 gamers play Halo (Xbox) projected on our 4 screens while different bands provide live soundtracks each night.
Bands included:
Gold Sparkle Sextet
The Occasion
Black Dice

Bathroom Sound Installation:
"Masked Tapists Strike in Affenstadt"
by The Invisible Hand

Killer Capote + Escape Routes + and Porridge
February 20-21 & 27-28, 2004
Two new 4-screen videos by Montgomery Knott, 4 new porridges by our chefs, and live dance by Felicia Ballos.

A Gamelan Xmas
December 24, 2003
4 screens of stop-motion holiday animation accompanied by DJ Salinger spinning a Gamelan-soul-sound mix.

Monkey Town is Dead
November 1, 2003
Day of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Night of the Living Dead on Day of the Dead

Pet Videos & Massage
October 3-4 & 10-11
America's Funniest Pet Videos slowed to 1/3 speed with a soundtrack by Stars of the Lid, Country Teasers, and Stars Like Fleas & James Powers. Live hot stone massage by David Greenhouse.

Blevin Blechtum, J. Lesser, Sagan, Wobbly, and Ryan Junell
with Stars Like Fleas
July 26, 2003
Films by Ryan Junell, music by J. Lesser, Blevin Blechtum, and Wobbly. Excerpts from Stan Brakhage with music from Stars Like Fleas.

Staring Contest
July 19, 2003

Episode 1 Live
June 12, 2003
w/ Blood on the Wall

Episode 1 The Feast
June 11, 2003

4 Courses, 4 Soundtracks, 4 Hours

Episode 1: Islands in the Stream
May 2 - June 5, 2003 Friday & Saturday

Montgomery Knott's inaugural four-screen installation. Shot in New York, Nantucket, Cortes Island, B.C., and on a Jet Blue flight to Oakland during Colin Powell's speech before the United Nations. With four seatings per night each with its own soundtrack, recorded by four separate quartets.