Contributors to the
Bathroom Sound Series

Sarah Bernat
Climax Golden Twins
Leighton Crook
Shannon Fields
Dan Hougland
Alex Hubbard
Caroline Linder
Lucas & Friends
Alastair Mackinven
Michael Mahalchick
Robert McNeill
Angela Means
Rob Millis
Irene Moon
Scott Mou
Sophie Politowicz
Tom Roe
John Fell Ryan
Amir Shoat
Skills on Ampex
Tom Travelute
Benedict Wallers

Sarah Bernat currently lives and works in Columbus, Ohio, making interactive installations incorporating sculptural, audio and video elements, and was a major contributor to the now-defunct D.I.Y . art space BLD Gallery and Studios; she works collaboratively with her band 16 Bitch Pile-Up in producing their unique sound and packaging, and performs solo under the moniker Weird Habit.

Climax Golden Twins
' most recent release is "Highly Bred and Sweetly Tempered" (NEI). Perhaps most widely known for their soundtrack to the cult(ish) film, Session 9, they accept no responsibility for whatever it is they think they are doing. Their "in desperate need of an update" (trademark) website can be found at

Leighton Crook (Flitwick, England) makes music as The Champagne and is the founder of Flitwick Records, the only record label in the world to give out all of its releases free of charge.

Double Leopards
is a quartet of collective energies currently hovering around Brooklyn, New York.

Shannon Fields – an ex-philosopher/linguist who looks terrible in hats – is a sound artist and composer, music journalist, improviser, creative producer, and performs all of these roles (sans scribbling) in the improvisational pop collective Stars Like Fleas (among many other things); he is also sound art editor for multimedia arts journal DIAGRAM, for which he curates a lauded series related to the "poetics of language", and plays guitar in The Silent League.

Dan Hougland lives in Manhattan and creates music under the name Steppes and as part of the group Excepter. For more information:

Alex Hubbard lives in Brooklyn, New York; his works in video, photography, and other media have shown at such venues as JFK Airport, New York, Reena Spaulings Gallery, New York, NADA Art Fair Video Program, Miami, Cosmic Gallery, Paris, Moph Art Space, Tokyo, and are currently on display in the Greater Brooklyn show, CRG Gallery, New York.

Hurray has been together for 3 years, with a 7" released on Skul (Winter 2003) and a full length lp due out on Fusetron in Fall 2005. Hurray's first art exhibition will open at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery in New York in September of 2005.

Bevin Kelley lives and works in Oakland, California, making music under the name Blevin Blectum and as part of the group Sagan.

Caroline Linder lives in Brooklyn and records music under the name Bedroom Guitars; a cassette release, "Rapping at my Chamber Door," is forthcoming on Silly Bird Records.

Lucas & Friends is a sonic archaeology project by Pea Hicks, a San Diego, California based composer focusing on found sound assemblages, obsolete instruments such as the Optigan, and minimalist opera.

Alastair Mackinven (London) works in various media including pen and ink drawing, photography, sculpture, and sound, and has shown at such galleries as Cabinate Gallery, London, Approach Gallery, London, Southampton City Art Gallery, and Galleri Campbells Occasionally, Copenhagen. At present he is focusing his energies on painting and the founding of countercultural movement (SCENE), as well as several musical projects including the spontaneous composition group CUNST.

Michael Mahalchick is a Brooklyn based artist who enjoys dressing like a caveman and playing rock and roll. Most recently he has presented his multi media spectacle HEXEN at P.S.1

Robert McNeill is a veteran of the bathroom scene, lives in New York City and works with sound on tape under The Invisible Hand and other names.

Angela Means (New Zealand/Oakland/Brooklyn) works with field recordings and voice to tape.

Rob Millis, a founding member of Climax Golden Twins, is currently curating a large sound-based art show entitled In Resonance that will be on view in Seattle at the end of August. His most recent CD is Harmika Yab Yum: Folk Sounds from Nepal on the Sublime Frequencies label.

Irene Moon is an entomologist/ musical scientific lecturer staying in Lexington, Kentucky who presents educational and theatrical opportunities through varied audio-visual media; the sounds used in her scientific cut-ups evolve from field recordings of the ambient sounds of an insect molecular systematics lab and a geriatric scanning electron microscope.

Scott Mou lives and works in New York City, where he makes music under the name Queens and as part of the group Jane.

Sophie Politowicz works in London making drawings, paintings, sculpture, photos, video and art in all media. She puts on a regular group event - Opposite the Playground - together with BRWallers, exhibiting art and music by talented types. She makes music and plays with Wet Dog, The Rebel and Vic Godard.

Tom Roe (Brooklyn) is a sound transmission artist who performs with transmitters using multiple bands (FM, CB, walkie-talkie), as well as prepared CDs, vinyl records, and various electronics. He co-curated Tune(In))) (2002), a one-night installation featuring over sixty sound artists performing live into six radio transmitters, and has performed at the Gwangju Biennele in 2004, and at Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland, and at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland. He also co-founded microradio stations 87X in Tampa, FL and free103point9 in Brooklyn, and currently serves as Program Director of the latter.

John Fell Ryan is a recording artist and performer living and working in New York City. He is known for his work with the No-Neck Blues Band and his current project, Excepter. For more information:

Amir Shoat (London) is head sound engineer at The Spitz, and makes music under the name Baby-Food and as a member of The Company; his group The Black Poodle has performed live at such venues as the Tate Modern Gallery,

Skills on Ampex is an Atlantic Ocean centered group comprising The Rebel and The Invisible Hand.

Tom Travelute is a direct descendant of the Founding Fathers of Hartford, Connecticut, USA. While struggling as an Amateur Outsider Artist he is currently looking for his piece of the rock. More or less can be found at

Benedict Wallers
(London) records and performs music with several groups including The Company, and has exhibited artwork at galleries such as Opposite the Playground, London, Deutsche Britische Freundschaft, Berlin, and, currently, Nang! Gallery, London. Under the name The Rebel (after the painter Anthony Hancock of the Shapist school -- "The colours are all different shapes") he has released several albums including his latest "Prawns" and before that "Kit".