Friday, October 13
$10 (with CDR of performance), $10 minimum
7:30pm and 10pm
reservations are recommended

Brooklyn new media artist Jason Van Anden is unleashing his new interactive sound composition software, IntelligentDesigner, through an audience participation event at Williamsburg's A/V mecca Monkey Town. The I.D. software allows the user to manipulate the visual composition of an array of colorful bubbles, each with an assigned sound. It’s an elegant minimalist videogame interface that runs alongside your thoughts. As the user alters the visual field, they alter the order in which the sounds are initiated, creating a living song of their own creation.

At the event four interactive kiosks will allow the audience to manipulate a touch-screen versions of I.D. While participating artists will give the audience the sound palette, it will be up to the audience to construct these fragments into structures. As the four kiosks will be wired to enormous independent video screens, the audience will be submerged in the visual equivalent of the form they’ve chosen the compositions to live in.

An impressive slew of local and international sound artists have been
invited to take this exciting new software for a test spin.

Leafcutter John (UK-renowned sound artist turned folk troubadour)

Datach’I (NYC-coveted post-jungle annihilist)

Nullsleep (NYC-world’s favorite gameboy protégé)

Nonhorse (NYC-abstract tape collagist from the Vanishing Voice)

Lucky Dragons (Providence-tie died laptops of progressive flute cut-ups)

Jason Forrest (Berlin-propulsive prog math-up prince)

CloudlandCanyon (Germany-psychedelic casios bleed through digital fog)

Lullatone (Japan-heartbreaking tiny sounds)

Christian Science Minotaur (NYC-pastoral electro-acoustic)

Our Brother The Native (Michigan-fuzzy, blissful howling now on FatCat)

Flying (NYC- fun folk frenzied with pots and pans)

Local participating artists will be on hand at the event.
Compiled is curated by Nat Hawks for LittleFuryThings records.

Jason Van Anden is a new media revolutionary, artist, inventor and robot
maker. His creations are exhibited internationally, receiving recognition in the art, science, technology and gaming communities. His most recent work includes a pair of moody robots named "Neil" and "Iona", a videogame called "Farklempt!" and a very cute online virtual brussels griffon puppy called "ascii chewy".

Brooklyn middle-school English teacher by day, at night Nat Hawks plays,
records, and releases through various genres and outfits. His cumulative
efforts are recorded through his music label, LittleFuryThings. He is half of participating sound group ChristianScienceMinotuar, who are excited about an upcoming cdr/dvd release. In addition, his solo work as Padna will soon unleash its third full-length, The Shore that Feared the Sea.