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From our origins in 2003 at our original space, we have hosted 100s of bands. Here's a fine selection of some of the fine sounds:

Xiu Xiu, Tony Conrad, Phill Niblock, Country Teasers, Excepter, Damo Suzuki, White Magic, Lee Renaldo, Black Dice, Jackie-O-Motherfucker, Almovacy, Alaska in Winter, Crystal Stilts, Mark Van Hoen, Megafaun, Celebration, The Wild Yaks, DJ Kingdom, Treasure, Sharon Van Etten, Scary Mansion, Monotract, School of Seven Bells, Malcolm Mooney, Håkon Kornstad, Miho Hatori, The XX, Holly Miranda, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Jean on Jean, Las Palabras, Growing, Berangere Maximin, Michael Hurley, Jack Rose, Freetime, The Occasion, The Durty Nanas, Peter Walker, Rivers, Lemonade, Shilpa Ray, Tha Pumpsta, Hammock, Bunny Rabbit, Psychic Ills, Gang Gang Dance, My Best Fiend, Religious Knives, Astronaut, Lakes, Rahdunes, WZT Hearts, Jonathan Meiburg, Suckers, Cale Parks, Melanie Mosier, Inca Ore, Christopher Willits, Bell, Stefan Nemeth, David Daniell, Antiguo Automata Mexicano, Forest Fire, Scott Mou (Queens), KRTS, Chairlift, Joshua Abrams, Taylor Deupree, The Dead Texan (Stars of the Lid), Blood on the Wall, Mattison, Airborn Audio, Lone Wolf and Cub, Nite Owl, Bowerbirds, Jacob Morris, Holly Throsby, Ben Vida, Pansy Division, Wooden Wand, Todd Sines, Castanets, Phosphorescent, High Places, YACHT, Cloudland Canyon, Sam Amidon, Dan Friel (Parts & Labor), Town & Country, ICE Ensemble, George Lewis, Jr., Gregg Kowalski, Tulsa, Tracy + The Plastics, The Loom, TK Webb, Damon McMahon, Mike Tamburo, Fern Knight, Jesse Sparhawk, Hess is More, Begushkin, Lichens, Mountains, Dirty Projectors, Josephine Foster, Mixel Pixel, The Present, Lince, YipYip, The Double, Baye Kouyate, Rivers, Martin Hayes, Essie Jain, Tomorrow's Friend, W.W. Lowman, Tom Carter (Charlambides), On/Off, Invisible Conga People, These Are Powers, Pigeons, Zs, AGF, Mata Llama, D. Charles Speer, She Keeps Bees, Ecstatic Sunshine, Sawako, Corridors, Ocrilim, Beastheart, William Hooker, Lexie Mountain Boys, Thrust Lab, Ann Anderson, Crash Diet Crew, Blevin Blectum, Nymph, Kria Brekkan (Mum), Rusty Santos, Katie Eastburn, Vampilla, Blues Control, Colin Stetson, Kevin Blechdom, Cuchillo, Daniel Klag, Soft Circle, Ike Yard, Mark Morgan, Axolotl, Effi Briest, Stars Like Fleas, Consort, Au, Marissa Nadler, TWI The Humble Feather, DJ Olive, Patrick Bower, Circle, Mike Wexler, Palms