McCarren Park Amended Audio

Thursday, March 29
Free, Sponsored Bar 6 - 8pm
6pm - 11pm
reservations are recommended

A variety of 30-60 second sound works focusing on McCarren Park, Brooklyn. McCarren Park used as another metaphorical body part, one that fleshes out this local anatomy. Each of the works are a part of a larger sound piece installed in the bathrooms of the experimental art/video/dining space Monkey Town in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This piece will take over an extremely successful and long running sound project that has existed and persisted since Monkey Town’s grand re-opening. Visual artist Greg Allen-Müller along with Montgomery Knott curated and assembled the individual sound works from the following artists.

Austin Donehue
Terry Bacon
Jon Pratt
Harry Hines
Boris Devistated
Jamil Gonzoles
Jacki Maddux
Noel Savage
Quabbin Parish
Steve Kaufman
Kate Wesselmann
Daniel Mitha
Kurt Ossenfort
Monica Serra
The Crucifix Trio
Christian Lee
Center Divider
Kurt Ossenfort

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