Saviour Scraps

Thursday, February 1
Free, Sponsored bar from 6pm - 8pm
6pm - Late

Wanderlust ends here. Saviour Scraps unveils Nest, a haven of woven
walls and coddling canopied ceilings; a year long site-specific
installation in the front dining room of Monkey Town. As you wander
towards the edge of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you will happen upon a
building, and intrigued by the warmth radiating from the inside you
will peer into the window, as if into a cocoon. Inside, hand woven
environs offer a nesting place, a refuge where you will settle and
feast in comfort. As a response to Monkey Town's investment in the
idea of art in every corner, Saviour Scraps' installation literally
grows out of the nooks and crannies. Made completely of recycled
fabrics, the space is a lattice of patchworked sails, vines, swings
and webs, creating a comforting and cozy place to dine. Saviour
Scraps brings the comfort of the home back to a venue whose origins
were in the home. Together with Monkey Town, they offer a sincere
approach to enjoying art over supper.

Saviour Scraps writes:
"The installation encompasses elements from our past work; a cocoon of
patchworked sails, vines, swings, and webs for visitors to nestle in.
We could not have done it without the help of our dozens of friends
who joined us, after months of preparation and hibernation in our
studio, in an intense installation week of extreme crafting. We hope
to have the rest of you join us in the revelries of the unveiling!"